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Live4Cup : Forum / SS hibiscus: Sustainability and green living in Gurgaon

#1 10-06-2024 13:16:55


SS hibiscus: Sustainability and green living in Gurgaon

There has been a worldwide trend for crucial reasons for implementing green habits and sustainability in the real estate sector. While improving infrastructure and working on the city's development is vital, it becomes equally important to focus on the environmental aspect as well, since in the current times, we have been dealing with climate change challenges which are warning signs for the future. So the real estate sector in Gurgaon has been working hard to implement eco-friendly practices which can be seen in new projects like ss hibiscus New Launch.

Ss Hibiscus Gurgaon is not just any other establishment that pioneers in Luxury but is also building a name for itself in the field of sustainable practices as it implements the use of rainwater harvesting and green landscape among other things to contribute to the preservation of the environment. We can see in the latest scenarios that one of the priorities for any homebuyers and investors apart from the location, is the implementation of green space in those residential projects. It's not just a necessity in today's time but also part of the future implementation for real estate projects going forward. Let's understand some of the green practices that are being implemented or can be implemented in luxury homes as real estate sectors progress toward sustainability.

Energy-efficient products
Housing projects like SS Hibiscus New Launch can incorporate energy-efficient designs in their housing units to save up utility and also make their house designs look trendy, like adding solar panels to generate electricity from the sun or using LED lighting systems which contributes to reducing energy consumption.

Water conservation
One of the most effective and commonly used water conservation processes is implementing rainwater harvesting in high-rise apartments like SS Hibiscus Gurgaon. Collecting and storing rainwater for irrigation and flushing is one of the common ways seen today. Aside from this, there can also be steps for reducing water wastage in the kitchen and bathrooms, by implementing low-flow fixtures.

Natural ventilation and lighting
When it comes to natural ventilation, it can easily be implemented through well-placed windows and openings which reduces the need for using heaters or air conditioners depending on the weather. Another way of achieving natural ventilation can be by featuring green roofs with vegetation that effectively provides insulation and natural cooling.

Smart Home Automation
One of the features that is being slowly implemented into luxury homes like SS Hibiscus is automating the home with smart home features like monitoring the lights or electricity and controlling energy usage while optimizing efficiency. It can be done, through your phone and being able to control lighting, window treatment, and other areas which can be a unique offering towards ecosystem practice and aids in improving environmental impact. Similarly, we can also use motorized blinds which can play a small yet key role in energy consumption.

Green Landscaping
While we all love keeping plants and growing them, they require a lot of water to maintain them. So one of the effective alternatives can be using native plants with draught-resistant vegetation which require less water and maintenance. Similarly adding a swimming pool is a necessary amenity to have in high-rise apartments. But even with them, it can be made with eco-friendly features such as advanced filters and water-saving features.

Implementing green energy practices in high-rise skyscrapers like  Ss Hibiscus Gurgaon is not just becoming a necessity today, especially in a city like Gurgaon which has seen a depletion of resources and environmental degradation, but it is also becoming one of the main priority factors, especially for investors as more sustainable practices in these apartments, ensure longevity and appreciation in the property.

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