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Live4Cup : Forum / Problems with the PS Store

#1 28-12-2017 12:52:04


Problems with the PS Store

Hi there,

I am coming from Macedonia (Balkan) and I wanted to purchase a game from the PS Store but, as always a problem must exist...

When I tried to add a credit card it tells me that it's invalid, I've checked my bank through online banking seemed everything ok, I've called the bank and asked them about the card if it has some problems or something but they said that everything's ok with it and the card is activated.

1st thing is that Macedonia is not listed in the country section (If not then why do you sell Playstation here?)

2nd thing is that when I try to log in through my paypal account it shows a pop up that my username / password is invalid. I've re-checked it 3 times, tried it from a PC and everything was working fine except for the PS store.

Now, I want to buy something and I am not able to add funds to my account, my country is not listed...any suggestions what should I do ?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References: … p/25456912

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