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Live4Cup : Forum / Problem using car audio system with usb on S4

#1 30-12-2017 14:37:40


Problem using car audio system with usb on S4


Hope someone can get me an answer why i cant play music in car audio system using usb cable with the new Samsung galaxy S4.
With previous phone this was never a problem, it act like a diskstation, but the S4 will only charge using it with a ordenary usb cable, using the orginal S4 usb cable it says connected as a mediaunit(MTP) but car audio dosent recognize it.

I can use Blutooth but it dosen't seems to work well either.

So do anyone know whats the reason and how i can get it up running?
Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References: … sb-s4.html

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