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lundi 21 janvier 2019
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Live4Cup : Forum / DCR download issue

#1 15-03-2018 13:03:12


DCR download issue


Site is a Sapphire, SHOPAK 5.04.01 with E500's/EPP. Apparently there was a shell network outage recently and this site was without card processing most the day. When the network came back up DCR would tell customers to see cashier with any card pay (inside cards ok). Site reinitialized DCR's and at "loading 300" DCR would freeze for a moment, then go back to "loading, pay inside" > "loading 100> 150> 200" etc. and it wont break this cycle. No file issues found but still blew out DCR's and reprogram with no help. Verifone has no clue and tell me its a pump issue. Any ideas?

please help

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