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Live4Cup : Forum / Flare 2017 r2: Mini-toc proxy stopped working?

#1 16-05-2018 12:47:38


Flare 2017 r2: Mini-toc proxy stopped working?


I have just updated to 2017 r2, and suddenly all my HTML5 outputs show empty mini-toc links. I have tested this on three different projects, all with the same result. Went back to Flare 11 and it all works fine.
We use mini-toc proxies on the book level in our TOCs, so this is not good! It seems like we have to use an older version of Flare from now on. I know this also worked in Flare 2017, but r2 has replaced that version.
Has anyone else experienced this?

Any help will be apprecited.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

References: … mp;t=28986
Motion graphics video animation studio

Thank you.

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