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Live4Cup : Forum / Trouble Updating Zorin 12 Lite

#1 16-07-2018 16:57:41


Trouble Updating Zorin 12 Lite


Just installed Zorin 12 Lite as I saw from the forum that is is now available. I did a fresh install, rather than update the beta. But, just as I did with the beta, I'm already having trouble with the first update. I tried disabling additional drivers and copyrighted material, as well as running <apt-get install -f>, but this time it did not work, the installer bogs down about halfway through. I'm thinking of reinstalling, but this time opting to install updates during the install. Hopefully that will work. But then the problem may crop up again next time I try to update. Not sure if this problem is unique to this computer, or if others are experiencing it. It has happened with other GNU/Linux distros, such as Solus. Ubuntu Mate and LXLE are updating fine on this machine.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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