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Live4Cup : Forum / Is there a known fix for this?

#1 28-07-2018 14:08:56


Is there a known fix for this?


When I try to run MSD8x to access a flash drive (512MB, FAT16), MSD8x gives me this error:
ERROR 1207

A problem occurred and msd8x cannot continue.

If I plug in a mouse and use usbtool's mouse demo, it freezes my calc, and the light on the mouse doesn't go on either. If I do it with a keyboard (it has an integrated hub, that might be the problem) it gives me ERROR:0700. I am using a USB mini-A male to A female adapter, and my 89t will supply power to the device, then will tell me the device is not supported (expected). I remember doing something with that one utility app (can't remember the name) that lets you view and edit port values, and the values of the relevant ports would change if I plugged in a device, so I know that my USB hardware isn't completely broken. I've tried upgrading my OS, resetting all, and other stuff, but still now working USB. Directlink does not work (linux x64 and winXP x64) but silverlink does. Is there a known fix for this?

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.

References: … mp;start=0
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Thank you

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