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#1 05-08-2022 18:37:47


Game Booster

Game Booster 1.61
Free Game Speedup Tool
Last updated: 2021-02-07
Size: 3.67 MB

Some of these tools are already being discussed on forums or are already in the database.

Direct link to download the portable version:

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#2 05-08-2022 18:40:41


Re: Game Booster

I have always used not understanding people who used cheat for regular games. I mean, it kills the fun, doesn’t it? The gaming process is not that fun anymore, and you don’t feel a winner when you win.
I used cheats only for fun in the GTA series because they were insane, but I didn’t even use them to pass any missions. I just wanted to drive a tank or to have unlimited ammo for some time to have fun in the game, nothing more. And it was when I was a kid – I used the Che Max app to find the new cheat codes. Later I discovered and started using it to find more cheats on the games I played.

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