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Live4Cup : Forum / Mine is the cause! RTX 3060 graphics card in Europe, the price has

#1 16-02-2021 09:18:05


Mine is the cause! RTX 3060 graphics card in Europe, the price has

The RTX 3060 is another great value graphics card, both in terms of gaming performance and for mining. But it seems that getting this graphics card is not easy. Because the stores in Europe have raised the price of this video card to around 17,910 Thai baht, which is 2 times the price and 50% compared to the middle price of the retailer of the MSRP.

According to the news report The store has used a method to force customers to cancel their orders from the normal price and force   โปรโมชั่น slotxo    them to buy new ones at a higher price. Which of this, even NVIDIA can not do anything because it is subject to free trade rules. Which will be able to do much is to limit the sending of products to sell And some stores took the opportunity to raise the price up to 25,462 baht Of course, these prices are inflated.

Part of the reason for price hikes is because these graphics cards are so demanding. But not as a game person But as a cryptocurrency miner market Which is sad in that the game people actually want to buy a video card Cannot be played at the price it should be Over and over, it also has a negative impact on the game market, because gamers will instead buy video cards and play games. Can't buy a video card to play the game

Another way for gamers to buy these video cards is to order a computer directly to the set or notebook. Large vendors such as HP, Dell and Alienware are able to sell them at reasonable prices. In Thailand, Nvidia set the price of the RTX 3060 graphics card at 11,500 baht, but at this time the product was in short supply due to being bought to mine for it. And may be in short supply until the middle of the year ever

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