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Live4Cup : Forum / Office setup - Enter 25-Digit Product key -

#1 23-02-2021 15:41:47

Office setup - Enter 25-Digit Product key -

Process for Downloading MS Office on Windows PC and Mac
Here’s how to download Microsoft Office on Windows PC and Mac computer:

. First of all, turn on your computer system and launch any web browser on it.

. And now, navigate to the website “

. After reaching the next screen, click on the option of “Sign inà  in case you are logged out of your Microsoft account. . And enter all the credentials to log in. You can also choose to sign in with any type of account that you wish to link with Microsoft Office. You can use your work, Microsoft, or school account.

. If you are logging in with your work or school account, then firstly, head to the Microsoft Office homepage and then click on “Microsoft Officeà  to start the installation process.

. If you are signing in with your Microsoft account, get to the Office homepage first and then hit the “Install Officeà  option. And again, click on the option of “Install.à

. And after following the appropriate steps, the Microsoft Office setup file will now start to download on your PC.

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