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Live4Cup : Forum / Anxiety and anger How are they connected?

#1 02-03-2021 06:44:50


Anxiety and anger How are they connected?

Many people may be wondering that Anxiety and anger Are they related or not? In fact, anxiety and anger are closely linked. This is because both emotions respond to perceived threats. This will help us escape from a dangerous situation. But for a greater understanding

Anxiety and anger How are they connected?
Humans have a wide variety of emotions and feelings, both of which are often linked. Anxiety is the fear in which you feel in response to a perceived threat. Anger is a threat response, in which both emotions are coupled with a feeling of anxiety. Being disturbed or annoyed

The researchers have predicted that Anxiety and anger It may play a role in your ability to perceive and respond to hazards. Both of these emotions can cause physical symptoms. By releasing hormones into your bloodstream In addition, it can also be stimulated by various daily experiences, both of which can be improved. Or make it worse according to your own thoughts The reactions of anxiety and anger are linked as follows:

As part of being human
Everyone can get angry and feel anxious. In fact, there are times when anxiety is justified. And anger is the right response. Which could lead to significant changes In times of stress Tensions escalate as the conflicts in your personal life escalate from events, so anxiety and anger seem normal.

Identical physiological symptoms
When you are angry or anxious Your body releases hormones, including cortisol (Cortisol0 and adrenaline), to prepare you to fight or flee. During times of anxiety or anger You are likely to have these symptoms.

Faster heart rate
Chest tightness
Tight muscles
Feel hot
Digestive symptoms such as diarrhea
Tension headache
These symptoms will disappear quickly under normal circumstances. But what if you have long-term problems with anger or anxiety? These hormones are released over and over again. Until it can lead to health problems

The same psychological characteristics
Psychologists have compared both anxiety and anger. When you are faced with stress that you feel you are not prepared to handle. You may feel anxious. If you feel more threatened That anxiety can quickly turn into anger.

In both cases it was caused by an external stimulus that threatened a sense of security. And control your environment Anger can be another form of anxiety that requires more chemical use.

In addition, some psychologists have suggested that Anger is the root of anxiety. People who have not learned how to express their anger properly may experience prolonged anxiety.

Affect health
If you are unable to deal with anger and anxiety Or if someone tells you how to deal with the anger and anxiety that is causing you trouble. That's a good time to ask for help. Excessive anger and anxiety It can be harmful to your mental and physical health.

For example, the researchers found that Anger is higher in anxiety and depression disorders. Additionally, from other studies from reliable sources, Showed that Excessive anxiety and anger

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#2 19-03-2021 09:15:50


Re: Anxiety and anger How are they connected?

Thank you very much for your article, which tells me about the harms of constant anxiety and anger, venge io in life and ways to calm emotions, avoid negative emotions, this article is very meaningful and should be widely shared

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