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Live4Cup : Forum / Hurt can be sad, but how can it heal my heart?

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Hurt can be sad, but how can it heal my heart?

Broken heart is a common phrase to  joker describe intense emotional pain. And the pain of losing a loved one from a breakup or rejection. And when people are heartbroken Healing the heart may take time to help relieve the grief, which today  has a way to cope when heartbroken to leave each other. Hoping that this approach will help anyone who is heartbroken Go through this period of regret…

Cry enough Let yourself be sad to the fullest.
Of course, when it's very sad, very few people are able to hold back tears. The same is true when the heart is broken. And healing the heart after a broken heart is a continuous process. Which cannot heal the heart in the blink of an eye There must be both backward and facing problems. So the way to deal with heartbreak is to cry enough. Let yourself be fully sad. Give yourself time to feel all the feelings that come from your heartbreak. If you can pass through these feelings each time You'll be able to cope with a heartbreak easier and faster next time.

Keep your distance, stop shining, stop obsessing over social media.
When the relationship is over or rejected The only thing that needs to be done is to distance yourself from the people who upset you. By avoiding calls or sending messages to him, stop shining on his Facebook. Stop obsessing over social media Avoid things that remind him of him. Including not asking his friends how he is doing Because if you can absolutely end the relationship It will make it easier for you to heal your heart.

Don't be alone, find encouragement, go out and meet friends.
When heartbroken I advise you not to be alone. Find supportive people, such as going out to meet friends. Go to consult a friend To release emotions with friends. Or spend more time with your family Friends and family, whether they are parents Siblings or relatives They can help you cope with the feeling of emptiness more easily. Because at least it allows you to let the hurt feelings out to others to perceive and listen to.

Finding entertainment to do Listen to songs that aren't sad songs.
Do something to make yourself happy. This increases the level of dopamine in the brain. (Dopamine is a substance that increases happiness and reduces stress) or finds entertainment, such as watching movies, listening to music (but not sad songs), as music can help heal and heal the heart to feel better. Science has proven that listening to music can stimulate the release of endorphins. This can improve your mood and help relieve stress. Or, try playing music and dancing to make the brain double the release of endorphins. From listening to music and dancing

Try doing new things or going on vacation to the provinces.
Distraction from heartbreak By trying new things to change their daily routine. But don't have to make a lot of change for yourself In order to pull yourself out of your old routine, just do something like Finding free time to go on vacation in other provinces Or go shopping instead of lying at home Going to new places on weekends As well as pursuing new hobbies, this will help pave the way for you to create new habits and new life. With no space left for people who upset you

Review what happened Able to accept the truth
Another way that you should try to do is to maintain your own mental state. That is to accept the truth and move on. Which this may be difficult for many people But it is only one way to get back to living happily without tears. Which, of course, will take time to help heal the heart But after going through the process of giving yourself space To feel sad and cope with feelings, you should accept what happened. Realizing that it is no longer useful to sit and mourn What has already happened cannot be changed. Therefore, do not blame anyone, even yourself. Change view Be positive and improve yourself.

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