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Live4Cup : Forum / Intestinal obstruction How to eat Symptoms to improve

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Intestinal obstruction How to eat Symptoms to improve

Intestinal obstruction is a condition that causes abnormalities to Digestive system And affect the patient's diet greatly Because of eating improperly May cause intestinal obstruction to worsen. Today I will introduce food for patients with obstructive intestinal obstruction. What to eat To help alleviate symptoms

What is the diet for patients with intestinal obstruction?
Bowel Obstruction is a condition in which the bowel is obstructed. Until food waste or liquid cannot flow through the digestive tract normally This blockage may be caused by narrowing of the intestines. Due to swelling of the intestinal wall, surgical scars Or may have had bowel dysentery

When a blockage occurs in the digestive tract. Therefore need to be more careful with eating food Because if a patient has intestinal obstruction Continuing to eat as normal may cause food waste to become even more clogged. Cannot be drained away And may cause dangerous conditions such as broken intestines

What are the foods for obstructive patients?
Usually, your doctor will determine a diet that people with intestinal obstruction can eat. Depending on the severity of symptoms Which may be divided as follows

Mild intestinal obstruction
Patients with mild intestinal obstruction There may be symptoms such as occasional abdominal pain, gas in the stomach, bloating, and intestinal obstruction. May have happened only partially Patients with mild intestinal obstruction May be able to recover better by controlling food intake. To prevent the blockage from becoming more severe Until it can lead to severe intestinal obstruction

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