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Live4Cup : Forum / Shabu line must read Not all raw eggs can be eaten.

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Shabu line must read Not all raw eggs can be eaten.

Today's eating techniques are very popular and people are very popular. It is the meat dipped in raw eggs instead of dipping sauce in a Shabu shop. This fondness can affect our health, so it's safe, let's read it a little bit about eating raw eggs. How do I choose to eat? Page Doctor Wreck wrote this story.

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    Yesterday I saw someone sharing a picture of an izakaya restaurant listing this fresh chicken shashimi, so I want you to be careful. Because the chickens are carriers of Salmonella. Including other germs that can cause severe diarrhea Although this menu is actually served in Japan But over there, they use special farmed chickens. Claim good chicken cleanliness and hygiene But my friend who had been to the raw chicken chain in Japan, had already joked before, so something like this could be missed. The best way to eat the chicken is to heat it until it is cooked (about 74 degrees in the center of the meat), which will keep you safe from eating raw chicken.

    Importantly, diarrhea, it is not only chicken meat. #Because it can be in a chicken egg too Which raw chicken eggs are the most popular Thai people, it would be inevitable to dip them instead of dipping sauce in the Shabu shop with black water, the doctor understands because the doctor likes this too, haha.

     But the point to convey is Raw chicken eggs like this. It can't be eaten at every restaurant. Because if they use eggs that are not well controlled in production The eggs are also able to get germs through the shell and into the egg itself. And when we moisten the meat to eat with raw eggs We can do that.

    That is, most of the germs come from the hen's unji. And if he is raised in an industrial style, the hens stay in the cage Didn't walk around When the time when it comes out And then the mother had a feces over the egg with the eggshell still thin If the farm does not clean or clean the eggs right away At this point that will allow the pathogen to contaminate the eggs completely.

    So if you really want to eat raw eggs Need to find a store that guarantees raw eggs can be eaten There may be a word that can be eaten raw. Or have clearly specified details, which one is the best Followed by the cage free family eggs, which translates directly to the eggs raised naturally, not cage. The hens do not crap, put double eggshells. This will give you the confidence that the eggs are relatively safe to eat raw.

    However, even if the eggs are raised in a cage free system, if the hen is infected with the disease Or the owner of the farm does not clean the eggshell poorly When we eat it raw, it has the right to be exposed to diarrhea that can cause it to rupture as well. This one who eats must bear the risk. For unhealthy people, low immunity, or older people, this is recommended that you shouldn't eat raw.

    This includes the issue of people who are addicted to eating raw eggs from expensive stores. Then accidentally went to eat raw eggs in the shop with a dip Or a pan of pork This one is highly not recommended. Because most of them already control the price of raw materials Very few shops would dare to use this kind of high-grade eggs. Since it is quite expensive, it costs 7-10 baht per piece (while the general number 3 eggs are around 3-4 baht per egg only).

    If anyone burrs or stick to these raw eggs. But have to go to a restaurant that doesn't serve good eggs It is recommended to buy and carry it yourself. Or just check carefully. Whether this shop uses good grade eggs But if not really confident, it is recommended to hammer it into the water. Then boiled and eaten cooked This one is the safest and best.

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