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Live4Cup : Forum / Mouth numbness, another warning sign of multiple sclerosis

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Mouth numbness, another warning sign of multiple sclerosis

Symptoms of multiple sclerosis have a number of symptoms that can occur. One of which is Numbness and tingling in the mouth for mouth numbness is a perceived disorder. But will it be a warning sign of sclerosis or not? true wallet slot has this to leave each other.

Stomatitis and multiple sclerosis
While many people with multiple sclerosis There will be numbness and tingling at times. But you may not have heard or have had a mouth numbness. And a tingling sensation in the mouth Which is a symptom that when it occurs May cause discomfort In multiple sclerosis Stomatitis is a Sensory Disturbances associated with myelin, the lipid sheath that covers nerve fibers. Damage or destruction It is most commonly caused by lesion on the brainstem and can also affect the face. As with other symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Doctors can diagnose new numbness by performing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests. The neurological stimulation potential of the trigeminal nerve can be used as a diagnostic tool.

Sensation when the mouth is numb
For the symptoms of stomatitis that occur for each person may differ. Which the numbness can cause these sensations

Someone explained that Anesthesia was compared to a cavity filled (Cavity Filled) when the gums were anesthetized.
Others described mouth numbness, a feeling like a tongue or other area inside the mouth, swelling or burning.
Mouth numbness that occurs with some people It may cause him to start chewing food on the unaffected side. Or the less affected side of the oral cavity Some people may lose their appetite. Due to an unpleasant eating experience If this occurs, it is very important that you consult your doctor. In addition, the dental care provider needs to be aware of the problems that can affect people with MS.

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