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Live4Cup : Forum / How can I reduce the risk of ischemic stroke?

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How can I reduce the risk of ischemic stroke?

If you have an early warning of ischemic stroke Or strange symptoms And was born temporarily This could indicate that a stroke may soon occur. You should seek medical help.

Early diagnosis They can help reduce or even prevent ischemic stroke, with most of these indicating problems with the nervous system and brain. Which needs to be diagnosed Blood tests or imaging tests may be required to make a diagnosis. Or as part of the symptom assessment, in some cases, doctors may also begin to plan for the management of newly diagnosed ischemic stroke risk factors.

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To reduce the risk of ischemic stroke You should try the following guidelines.

Treatment of vascular disease Various vascular diseases It can cause blood clots that result in ischemic stroke.
Control diabetes High blood pressure in diabetes can cause blood vessel brittleness. So you should take diabetes medication. And change healthy lifestyles To maintain normal blood pressure levels
Get medical care for heart disease. Check blood pressure And if the pressure is high See your doctor to control your pressure in a normal range.
Get medical care for heart disease. Having a weak heart or an irregular heartbeat It may reduce blood supply to the brain
Quitting smoking or using drugs
Keep your cholesterol and triglyceride levels in your blood normal. Dietary modifications are considered sufficient to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in some people. While some May need help with medication
Modify your diet to prevent ischemic stroke. By eating more fresh fish, vegetables, protein and fiber.
Moving the body regularly
Manage your stress levels well.

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