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Live4Cup : Forum / 'My sister took her life, petrified at facing her ex in court'

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'My sister took her life, petrified at facing her ex in court'

'My sister took her life, petrified at facing her ex in court'

Last year, Gemma Robinson, 34, took her own life just days before she was due to face her abusive ex-partner in court. Here her family speak about what led to Gemma's death in the hope that it may help other people living in abusive relationships.

When Damian Wilson hugged his sister Gemma as he prepared to fly to Cambodia in September 2019, she broke down in tears.

Becoming emotional when her brother returned to the Southeast Asian country, where he had been living for almost five years, was nothing out of the ordinary. But then Gemma whispered something in his ear that concerned him.

"I'm really not doing okay," she told him.

"That was the first time she'd ever done that," Damian recalls. "I remember thinking: 'She really means that.'"

He reassured her that he'd be back soon and told her to "hang in there".

But that was the last time Damian saw his sister.

Growing up in London, Gemma Robinson was popular, loud and "loved being the centre of attention".

"She had bundles of life," Damian remembers, and was rarely happier than when on the dance floor with her friends and sister Kirsty.

"She was the life and soul of the party, we were dancing partners," Kirsty says.

As she got older, Gemma was the person many people turned to if they had a problem, Damian recalls.

"If someone was going through a breakup or if there were issues with family, she was always there for her friends. No matter what she was going through, she always put it aside and dealt with the people that needed her," he says.

"I think that was one of her problems. She wouldn't focus on herself, she was always focusing on other people."

Gemma became a mother to her son at the age of 20, and had her daughter five years later. Her family say she loved becoming a mother and found a career as a pole fitness instructor. Everything seemed to be falling into place.

But things started to unravel for her around six years ago. She became a single mother after splitting up with the father of her children, and then started experiencing severe back pain, which meant she couldn't do the job she loved.

"When you're in those circles and in quite a self-destructive mode… you end up surrounding yourself with people who are not the best," Damian says.

It was around this time she met Joe Falconer.

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