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Live4Cup : Forum / Writing a good essay

#1 03-05-2021 11:18:28


Writing a good essay

It is the basis of writing that can be applied to other  joker123 wallet forms of writing such as letter writing. Fiction writing Or writing various notes They use the principles of writing essays. This is one of the art of prose writing that requires principles and methods of writing in order for the written essay to be elegant and pleasant to read

    How to write a good essay; When writing a specific topic, you should study the information to be written well. So that the article is correct according to the facts The parts of the story should have the same unity. And there is a continuous relationship in each paragraph from the introduction to the story until the conclusion of the story. These three parts are essential components of an essential essay.

    1. The foreword is the beginning part of the essay that must be started. Which is an introductory story for readers to know what an essay is about This section should not be written very deeply. But it should be written broadly on the subject before delving into the story again.

    2. Story It is another important part of the essay. Is writing to delve into the content Is the part that the author has studied information It is important that authors write accurate and truthful information. And compiled to explain according to the author's reading idea Therefore, it must be written thoroughly and the paragraphs are arranged so that the content is consistent and clear. For writing that does not get confused or wobbles Able to communicate to readers

    3. The conclusion is part of the closing of the story. Or summarize the content from the introduction and story It tells the reader that the reader has read until the end of the story. Writing a good summary should be written in accordance with the content of the story, not out of the story, should be written to impress the reader. There are many ways to write, for example, writing summaries by asking the reader to think. Or writing by expressing your own opinion on the story Including writing to convince the reader's emotions to feel emotional along with the content. And try not to protract the conclusion that the reader feels that our essay is not finished.

    Writing an essay Well, there is a simple principle as mentioned above. However, the essayist himself has to practice writing often. Help make their own language or artistic style more beautiful In order to make readers feel compliant with the story And feel the reading flow without being stuck in language that looks unnatural

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