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Live4Cup : Forum / How much is a good shopper with a tax refund? What can I buy?

#1 11-05-2021 05:51:55


How much is a good shopper with a tax refund? What can I buy?

Shop for a good night in 2020 is a tax reduction measure similar to Shop to help the nation in previous years. The expenses from purchases of goods and services will be used as a tax deduction at the time of submission of personal income tax in early 2021. Where are preparing to go shopping? Come check for sure first So as not to miss the right

Shop well, have a night in 2020, who gets the right?
          People who benefit from the ShopDeeMee Return 2020 measure must be the 2020 personal income tax holder who will file their tax returns in early 2021.

          For those who do not have income or do not meet the income tax threshold or have reached the tax threshold, but have other deductions that help them do not have to pay taxes. Will not benefit from this measure. Because you don't have to pay tax anyway Therefore, expenses from ShopDeeMee can be refunded to be tax deductible. Buying this time or when you buy it is no different.

          If you are a holder of a state welfare card Or half of those who register Will not be able to use the right to shop for good night again

Used the privilege for us to travel together
Can I use a good shopping and have a return as well?
          The right user, we travel together. Also able to use the right to shop for good, have a return

Good shopping, have a night in 2020, what day is it?
          This privilege is valid from 23 October - 31 December 2020.

According to: joker123 wallet

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