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Live4Cup : Forum / Do you have a genuine Android charging cable? what's up

#1 03-06-2021 11:46:41


Do you have a genuine Android charging cable? what's up

Cut to the Android side, some Android Gadget people may not be familiar with the word genuine charging cable than Apple, because the USB Type C and Micro USB cables are rarely troubled. when the power is not according to the specification or not trying to communicate between the mobile charger and the body of that size Makes no problem even if using a hundred of charging cables Or a thousand lines can be charged as well. But of course, more expensive cables come with better quality. The disadvantage is no different from the iPhone. If the cable is not good, the battery can be slowed down The battery deteriorates quickly, the device gets hot, can't charge it to play games. The quality of the Android charging cable is very simple. is to choose a branded charging cable that is familiar, especially mobile phone owners, such as Samsung, Xiaomi or Huawei charging cables, which are already cheap charging cables, although not the cheapest in the market But definitely less of a problem.

What is the best charging cable?
What are the other factors in choosing a charging cable?
In addition to looking at the symbols on the charging cable If you want to buy your own mobile charger in depth. It can be done by considering the various specifications of the cable as well. The specification of the cable will play an important role in The amount that current can pass (amperes) or is abbreviated with the letter A on the package, such as a 1 A cable or a 2.1 A cable. Of course, the larger the number wires, the more current can be carried. and charging faster than that * But it must be remembered that Our chargers can supply the amount of power that the cable supports.

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