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Live4Cup : Forum / "Vitamin C" real benefits and things you should know before eating

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"Vitamin C" real benefits and things you should know before eating

The benefits of vitamin C to the body is something that has been discovered for a long สล็อตออนไลน์ time. in Thailand itself Going back from the reign of King Rama VI, there was research in that period that found that This fruit acid can reduce the severity of pneumonia. and since then There has been more and more studies.
What are the benefits of vitamin C?
by laboratory studies trying to find out How does vitamin C work or react? Until now, health science is enough to know. Vitamin C is an element in the process of creating collagen. To be used to build bones, muscles, is one of the components in the process of creating a neurotransmitter called tyrosine, carnitine and vitamin C to help absorb iron as well.

In medicine, they are trying to find an answer as well. Is vitamin C enough to prevent and treat what disease clinically? Until it took shape, when the Buddhist era 2520, medically we know that. Vitamin C helps “Prevention  (not treating) diseases such as the common cold by thinking that it prevents inflammation. This principle has been applied to the “prevention  (not curing) inflammatory cell disease. This includes abnormally dividing cells known as cancer cells. when looking at research with high credibility can be summarized into three main groups:

Influenza from a mild virus only. It cannot help treat any type of pneumonia or respiratory failure (ARDS).
coronary heart disease, including high blood pressure
Gastrointestinal cancer (esophagus, stomach, pancreas – other research is not RCT)
There is this and it is only the “element  of the “prevention  only, there is no clear effect on the treatment or the main drug in any way. (There is research at Help treat or prevent cancer progression. Cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure, is possible, but the dose is very high and the therapeutic effect is not evident. therefore not commonly used

Injectable vitamin C reduces the effectiveness of antiseptics, including erythromycin, kanamycin, streptomycin. doxycycline and lincomycin including an anticoagulant drug called warfarin

What form is vitamin C in?
Fruits and vegetables, red bell peppers, broccoli, any squash contain vitamin C, not just citrus fruits and vegetables.
Tablets, pellets, effervescent tablets, chew before swallowing Beware of stomach irritation
Acidic water is an injectable solution. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration has approved the latest injectable form of vitamin C in 2016, released in 2017 in a dosage of 25,000 mg in a package of 50 ml or 500 mg in 1 ml. with indications for the treatment of scurvy The dose of vitamin C injected must be calculated according to age. and recommended to dissolve with any saline before injection to reduce the chance of pain swelling in the veins during injection All should not be injected for more than 1 week "only".

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