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Live4Cup : Forum / Marvel's evil gods hunt themselves.

#1 18-06-2021 09:37:54


Marvel's evil gods hunt themselves.

Thor's brother drags new buddy Mobius onto the slotxo android tomfoolery timeline on Disney Plus. Episode 2 of Loki's solo adventure premiered on Disney Plus on Wednesday, joining the God of Mischief after he introduced the awesome powers of Time Variance Authority, the Marvel Cinematic Universe show following the beloved villain. in 2012, after his funky escape in Avengers: Endgame.

Loki (Tom Hiddleston) discovers that another version of him is annihilating a sacred timeline by the TVA agent kill squad and collecting the resets they use to maintain the proper flow of time. Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) hires him to hunt down variants. He argued that he could give them insight into Loki's other scams.

Lady Loki

After a lot of mocking when another generation of Loki took over one body over and over again. The episode ends with the revelation that the refugees are women. (British actress Sophia Di Martino) that will definitely make it easier to distinguish. Although the male does not seem to be involved in the plans of the woman.

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