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Live4Cup : Forum / Psychiatrist recommends to solve the problem of "insomnia" j

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Psychiatrist recommends to solve the problem of "insomnia" j

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Did you know that some behaviors we do before bedtime? As a result, we have different difficulty sleeping.

Explain how to treat insomnia. With the treatment by controlling the stimulus (stimulus control therapy) as a treatment approach based on learning theory. It believes that emotions, feelings, thoughts, bodily and brain functions are linked to situations that have happened before.

Solve the "insomnia" problem, just fix 5 bedtime habits

Only get into bed when you're sleepy.
Use a bed or bedroom for sleep only
getting out of bed when unable to sleep
wake up at the same time every morning
do not nap during the day
Studies have shown that stimulus control therapy is effective for faster sleep. waking up late at night Improved sleep efficiency and deeper sleep

solve insomnia problem with relaxation therapy

In addition to controlling the triggering factors making the body and feeling more relaxed mentally It makes sleeping easier as well. There are several ways:

Breathe in and out slowly, deeply.
Think of images that make you feel comfortable and relaxed.
Listen to soothing instrumental music.
Meditation helps your mind and body feel calm and relaxed. until the mind is distracted and decreased mood
Awareness of physical condition from stress Use tools to raise awareness of the body's physiology about stress. and relaxation Then the patient understands how relaxed his body is. and can continue to take care of themselves for the body to relax until entering to sleep better at night
aware of the idea and emotions that arise and learn to accept its nature with a heart to let go neutral and relaxed without interfering or manipulating ideas including emotional

solve insomnia problem by changing the way of thinking

Modify inappropriate thoughts negative belief unreasonable expectation False perception of sleep causing misunderstandings about sleep and sleep situations causing anxiety and very afraid of insomnia

change of thinking It focuses on finding beliefs, expectations and false perceptions. and re-analyzing beliefs, expectations and perceptions about sleep. and replaced them with new ideas that are realistically correct.

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