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Live4Cup : Forum / MCQs on Islamic Banking and Finance

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MCQs on Islamic Banking and Finance

Multiple choice questions or MCQs are one of the possible way of testing the knowledge of students about a given topic. According to free homework help online chat an MCQ basically is a statement or a question with multiple options given as answers. The student must select the one answer among a few variants. The number of options usually is 4 or 5. In this way one can quickly examine whether or not the person has good knowledge about Islamic banking and finance topic.

What Islamic Banking and Finance MCQs You Can Face

When formulating MCQs, the first thing you need to do is answer yourself is what are you testing in students? In case of Islamic banking and finance, you should know weather the students have the background knowledge of the topic or do they only have that much information which is given in their text books. Formulate the questions accordingly. According to homework answers experts once you have identified the purpose of your Islamic banking and finance multiple choice questions, you need to create distractions. Distractions can be created by giving students in options, answers near to the correct answer. This would help you in guessing how well the student has understood the topic. You also need to give feedback to your right options so as to claim that why they are actually right. In Islamic banking and finance, one can formulate many questions by mixing the concepts of Islamic customs and the methods of banking followed by the West. Only those students, which understand the “core concepts  of the topic, would be able to give the right answer.


How MCQs Test Your Knowledge in Islamic Banking and Finance

While making multiple choice questions make sure you indulge students in thinking analytically before answering the questions. This would make students learn about the topic using their own brains rather than remembering it. MCQs can either test the knowledge on a given topic, the comprehensive ability of students or how well students apply their learned knowledge about a topic. Islamic banking MCQs should try create synthesis i.e. create new perspectives and connections in the minds of the students.

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