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Live4Cup : Forum / Simple Steps to Create a Mind-blowing Compare and Contrast Essay

#1 25-07-2022 08:57:24

Eileen Benson

Simple Steps to Create a Mind-blowing Compare and Contrast Essay

Since childhood, I was quite good at relating and comparing things. My parents and teachers really appreciated the way I could draw analogies and connections between seemingly unrelated things. But when I write compare and contrast essays, I realized that comparing things in my head is different from writing a compare and contrast essay about them.

I already knew to relate things so I just needed to rightly put them in words. I asked a friend of mine to help me write my essay. His help and feedback proved to be quite helpful, which is why I am sharing my opinion with you guys today.

Individually study the two things to be compared

While you are writing a compare and contrast essay you will always have two things to be compared. They could be two concepts, two individuals, two theories, or two geographical entities. To begin with, you must individually study your sources first. This would help you understand them better so that you can compare and contrast them in your essay. This would help you write the introduction of your essay. Where you will introduce the sources that you wish to write about.

Make observations and Take notes

While you are going through your sources make sure to keep a record of your observations. This would help you through the main body of your essay. While trying to strengthen your argument these observations would be the references from original sources for your Compare and Contrast Essay. This would help you relate the information and compare the two sources. Also, making notes would help you understand your sources better and enhance the validity of your argument.

Compare and Contrast

Most students make the mistake of just pointing out the differences. It feels like they just want the two sources to strike up a war with each other. In a compare and contrast essay, you do not have to highlight the differences only but the similarities as well. Make a thesis statement that incorporates both these aspects and then with your recorded observation prove your thesis statement. This would form the body of your essay. If you are still confused you can also consult a professional essay writing service online.

Revisit the original sources

Before you submit the final draft of your essay make sure to go through your sources again. Since you have been thinking and working on your sources you might find some new arguments when you revisit them with a fresh mind. This is always helpful because it also gives you the chance to correct any mistakes that you have made previously. Even when you do not find anything new to talk about you will surely find material to polish your argument and refine your content. This would add to the valuable text of your essay. Some students hire an online paper writer to compose an essay for them, which they subsequently turn in on time.


Now that you have defended your thesis throughout the body of your paragraph you need to sum up your essay and emphasize your argument. Restate your thesis in your conclusion but use different words. Also, add arguments from your essay to stress your thesis and make sure you never introduce a new point in your conclusion. Do not recommend anything if you are not asked to do so.

This is a simple guide that I shared with you to write an excellent compare and contrast essay. If you follow these simple steps you will not have to ask others like I had to ask my friend to write essay for me. These steps are surely going to be helpful.

Follow these simple steps and your compare and contrast essay is ready to make an impression on the reader. Just make sure that aside from these guidelines you have the quality content to write.

If you need help with essay writing, then contact an expert "write my paper" service writer for help if you can write your essay on your own.

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