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Live4Cup : Forum / Elevated Cat Feeders - Pros & Cons

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Elevated Cat Feeders - Pros & Cons

Elevated cat feeders are used to raising the bowls containing the cat food to a certain level so that cats can eat without bending too much and straining their necks. Moreover, raising the food bowls and the water bowls also helps to keep the food and water clean.

Cats and dogs are not only kept very commonly as pets but are also taken as emotional support animals. This requires an emotional support animal letter to be issued by a professional and certified psychologist. The health of these ESA animals hence becomes very important as it is directly linked to the mental health of their owners.

To maintain the health of cats, the best cat food is a must. The elevated feeders are used to keep the food clean and help cats easily eat it. There are certain pros and cons of these elevated feeders which are given below:

Pros of elevated feeders

There are certain advantages associated with elevated dog and cat feeders.

These are as follows

Prevents pain in joints of the cats

The dogs and cats when becoming adults and increasing in their size, find it comfortable to eat from bowls on the floor. They have to bend a lot to reach the bowl and this causes discomfort. Giving the food to these growing pets in a bowl that is raised above the ground using an elevated feeder at a suitable height appropriate for the pet’s height reduces this discomfort.

Emotional support animals should possess qualities such as good health, affection, loyalty, and trainability. Hypoallergenic dogs are also a popular choice for those seeking emotional support. Cats and dogs, known for their cuddly nature, are frequently used as emotional support animals and are highly recommended by real esa letter providers.

Also, dogs and cats spend a large part of their life either eating, drinking, or playing. Hence, if they have to bend for such a large time, this can result in joint pain. Hence, when this discomfort is eliminated, their joint pain is also gone.

Reduces the symptoms of arthritis

As is the case with humans, most cats develop arthritis as they grow old. Arthritis causes a huge deal of pain in the joint and discomfort too. Uneasy feeding requires a lot of bending as in the nonelevated feeders, the symptoms of arthritis get aggravated. This further increases joint pain. Of course, the feeding is not what makes it worse but the nonelevated feeding method.

Real ESA Letter is an online service that provides authentic and legally binding Emotional Support Animal (ESA) letters to individuals in need. Their team of licensed mental health professionals conducts thorough assessments to determine eligibility for a realesaletter. The platform offers a simple and user-friendly process, and the entire application can be completed online. Real ESA Letter is committed to providing compassionate care and support and has helped many individuals obtain ESA letters to improve their mental health and well-being.

Cats with arthritis also lose interest in eating due to the discomfort and pain caused. The elevated feeders help greatly in this scenario. It now only removes the pain and discomfort but the cats also regain their interest in feeding.

Used to feed post-operation

Cats undergo surgeries a lot due to a variety of reasons. There is a certain post-operative care regime that must be followed for a cat that has undergone surgery of any sort. It also becomes difficult during the recovery phase to bend for eating from bowls on the floor.
Weighted bowls that are raised to their heights are the perfect solution for this situation too.

Reduces megaesophagus symptoms

Megaesophagus is a condition in which the esophagus of the food duct of a cat becomes enlarged and reduces the mobility of the food. This condition is also very common in both cats and dogs.

When diagnosed with megaesophagus, the vets recommend high feeders for cats. Ask for the proper size recommendation for the high feeder when using it during the megaesophagus.

Cons of elevated feeders

Not suitable for fast eaters

The only potential disadvantage associated with the high feeders is that they are not suitable for fast eaters. Many cats who eat fast are prone to develop bloat. Vets recommend reducing their eating speed. Elevated feeders help them eat and hence must not be given to them. To reduce their speed, feeding must be made difficult. hence, elevated feeders must be avoided for fast-eater cats prone to bloat.

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Re: Elevated Cat Feeders - Pros & Cons

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